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Wednesday July 29, 2009

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Law Offices - September, 1971 to current date - Phillips Building, 515 North Velasco, Angleton, Texas 77515

During the first 10 years of practice, being 1969-1979, over 300 jury trials in criminal law, family law, and civil trial law were completed with a larger number of court-tried cases. During this time period no less than 20 cases were handled to final appeal. 1980-1990 the practice consisted of complex litigation both in criminal law, family law, and civil trial law. Approximately 40% of the practice constituted complex civil litigation with appeals handled on civil matters outnumbering appeals on criminal matters. Corporate litigation involving trade secret and patent infringement, complex civil litigation with regard to breach of executive employment agreements, mass tort litigation as defense counsel regarding DBCP, manganese, asbestos, VIOXX, bankruptcy trustee collection, medical and legal negligence, and personal injury litigation.



Littlejohn vs. Amoco; verdict exceeding $800 million - Defense (Breach of Contract)


David Anderson vs. Intermedics - Plaintiff (Breach of Contract)


Jack Bokros, et al vs. Intermedics - Plaintiff (Breach of Contract - Trade Secrets)


G. Russell Chambers, et al vs. Intermedics - Plaintiff (Breach of Contract)


Lou Marinos, et al vs. Intermedics - Plaintiff (Breach of Contract)


Ernie Lane vs. Intermedics - Plaintiff (Breach of Contract - Patents)


University of Houston vs. Jack Bokros, et al - Defense (Patent Infringement)


Linda S. Lowe vs. Piro & Lilly, Earle S. Lilly and Robert J. Piro - cover story

October, 2000, Vol. 28, Issue 10, Texas Monthly (Breach of Contract)


Owens Illinois, Inc. - Asbestos Defense - multiple causes - August, 2001 to current date


Garlock, Inc. - Asbestos Defense - multiple causes - December, 2001 to current date


Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation - PPA Defense, local counsel - multiple causes - June, 2002 to current date


Carol Kimball, et al vs. Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital - medical negligence $7.9 million settlement


Insurance Subrogation claims


In excess of 300 Asbestos trial groups from both Plaintiff and Defendant perspective

During the decade of the 1990s, practice focused upon complex civil litigation both on the defense and plaintiff’s side of the docket has been continuously maintained active files on many matters wherein the controversy exceeded multi-million dollar claims and/or recoveries.




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